Saturday’s lesson

There once was a little squirrel who lived in a tall tall tree on the edge of the forest. His name was Bob. Every day Bob planned to cross the highway because that is where all the good nuts grew. On Monday, he decided to attempt a crossing, but just before he got to the highway, he changed his mind and headed home. It took him until Wednesday to make up his mind to try this again. This time he got right to the edge of the highway and then he changed his mind again  and headed home.again.

On Saturday, when the highway was most busy, he had no choice but to attempt it again. His nut supply was quickly depleting and he knew that if he didn’t replenish his supply, he would probably starve throughout the cold winter. This time he couldn’t turn back. He rushed through the tall trees, over the rotten  stumps, along the river and finally to the highway. When he got to the edge of the roadside, he took a deep breath and made a run for it.

Everything was going so good. He had made it right to the center  line of the highway and hadn’t seen one vehicle. Bob started on  his way again and headed quickly to the other side of the highway when a large tractor trailer hurried along the highway towards Bob. When he was just about across the road, he changed his mind and headed back toward his home when suddenly it happened!


Our little friend became road kill.

The next morning, Charlie Crow happened along our squished friend on the highway..Drool from  Charlie’s beak began to form  as he salivated at the thought of eating little Bob, now lying very flat on the highway.

Moral of the story?

Never second guess yourself or you will end up in the belly of a  crow. Or  something like that!

Second moral of the story? Read this story little squirrels and maybe you wont end up running to the middle of the road and then changing your mind and getting squished by my truck like you did this morning! GOD! I hate squishing cute little animals.

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