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The Versatile Blogger Award

I must say, I am honored to be nominated for this award.  After watching all those TV award shows, I should be prepared for this moment, but I am not. I guess the first thing I should do is thank all those who are responsible for me being here, so here goes, in list form.

  1. My fifth grade teacher (who is no longer with us but I never forgot her) Mary Vickers. She is the teacher who made an impact on me by assigning me only one assignment for the entire school year, which was to read 200 books from September to Christmas. While the other kids were in shock with this, I was in awe. We also had to write book reports on each book. Before this, I did not read at all, but I can assure you, this little experience opened my eyes to the literary world more than anything else. I shocked her when I passed in my assignment three weeks before it was due, a giant binder filled with 500 book reports. While you may be in shock to hear that I read 500 books in just a few months, I have to let you in on a secret that I have held dear for many years. I did not read all those books, instead, I wrote book reports about books I made up; complete with fake authors, story lines, plots, characters, and publishers. I got a great mark on the assignment and thought I was home free, until she expressed an interest in some of the books, and asked if I knew where she could get copies.
  2. My Grandmother Emma Blanchard, who wrote as often as I do, and if she were still with us, would blog as often as I do.  My mom said that when she was a child, Nana (as we affectionately called our grandmother) would sit and write whenever she was stressed by her eleven children and alcoholic husband. She wrote a lot! After her death, we found a journal she kept where she wrote about life in the old days. I hope to compile all her writings and someday publish them. I miss you Nana.
  3. Rosemary Finn. Rosemary was my typing teacher in an accounting program I did once. I never remembered how to do accounting, but thanks to her method of teaching touch typing, I am still a great typist. She used to blindfold us, and then dictate what she wanted typed. We didn’t have the convenience of electric typewriters or computers, so we used old manual typewriters from Sears. This is the reason why I mash the keys on my computer and why I wear out three to five keyboards each year.
  4. kayjai. A former co-worker who I miss very much. kayjai and I explored the world of blogging together, and using this blogging site, we figured out how to put in images and change fonts, and do the entire blogging thing. kayjai is my only link to the blogging world. Keep writing kayjai, I love your work and I am awaiting the day that I purchase one of your works for my Amazon Kindle.
  5. My cat Killer, gone but not forgotten. Killer used to curl up on my lap while I wrote things in an old journal. One day, he ate my journal, causing me to seek out new and more interesting (and durable) methods of writing things down. WordPress was that new medium.

One of the requirements of the award is that I must thank the person who nominated me. Check out number 4 on previous list for that one.  Check out this link for some truly amazing work: http://kayjai.wordpress.com/

Another of the requirements is that I share seven facts about myself. Here goes:

  1. I like cats even though my girlfriend is allergic to them
  2. I love kids, puppies, long walks on the beach (wait a minute, this is not a dating site)
  3. I am a storyteller
  4. I am a nerd in a world where it is cool to be a nerd (not like when I was a kid when it was not cool to be a nerd and I got beat up every day because I was a nerd)
  5. I have an Amazon Kindle (My brother gets excited over a new motorhome he bought, I get excited over an ereader…go figure)
  6. I have a great need to put words to paper, computer memory, trees, walls, or whatever medium is available at the time
  7. I am a Human Dictionary (at least that’s what my son says). I hate misspelled words and spell check (spell check makes monkeys out of all of us)

As for passing on this award to 15 blogging friends, I cannot do that, I only have one blogging friend, but since she is a super blogger and a future best selling author, I think she deserves 15 awards. While I cannot nominate her because she was already nominated, I would like to cast my vote for kayjai (http://kayjai.wordpress.com/)

Okay Okay, just to follow the rules, here are links to 14 other bloggers (in following those rules, I found some pretty interesting sites!!

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To everyone else who was fortunate enough to be nominated for this prestigious award, Congrats to all of you.