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100 word challenge: Christmas Tea

Genevieve walked across the creaky wooden floor, being careful not to trip; she did that a lot these days, old age is not a kind companion. She carried an old cast iron kettle, filled with boiling water. “That old pot is too heavy for you to be carrying around” Harry warned.

Her stark stare was enough for Harry to know when to shut up. He knew the meaning of that ‘look’.  Annoyed, he went back to his favorite pastime of staring out the window and complaining.

“Come have some tea and Christmas cake with me, you old grouch!” she said, lovingly.

This is my entry into this weeks’ Velvet Verbosity 100 word Challenge.

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt


100 Word Challenge: A Child’s revenge

As black as midnight, she slithered into the dark room. Without a sound, she pounced upon her prey. Claws dug deep into his neck; he didn’t see it coming, and his life was over instantly.

Some would agree that he deserved what he got. Who gave him the power to do those experiments on a small child?

Herbert Manning thought that he was a god. His cross breeding between species would eventually lead to his downfall.

Summer Holtiz, one part cat, one part snake, and a small part human, has reached her goal, to destroy the man who created her.

this spooky little ditty is my entry into this week’s 100 word Challenge. The word is ‘Claws’


Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt


Velvet Verbosity : One Saucy Cat!

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

That old cat was some brazen! He would stroll around the house as if he owned the place. Once, he left and visited my neighbour. Her door was open at the time, so he went inside, flipped open the door of the bird cage, and took her budgie.

When we got home, we found him perched high on the back of mom’s favourite chair, eating what was left of my neighbour’s bird. Several bits of colourful feathers covered the seat, and when he finished the pretty pet, he jumped playfully to the floor and proceeded to play with the feathers.


This is my entry into Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word this week is Perched. Check out the link for more stories.

P.S. for my earlier post, Beware of Jackson Falls, check out this link. I compiled all the episodes into one post.


100 Word Challenge: Trusted Hands

One of my old high school teachers recently passed away.  The man was  63, and has been fighting cancer since 1998.

Mike (not his real name), was a beast. In class, he often flipped out, hollering and throwing things at students. Luckily, he never threw anything at me.

We watched him have a nervous breakdown in class one day. They carried him out screaming.

I never heard much from him after high school, but last year, news reports said that he tried to kill his wife, stabbing her in the face and neck.

He spent his remaining years in a mental institution.

This true story of exactly 100 words is my entry into this week’s Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge. The word this week is Beast. Check out the site!

100 word challenge: Worthy of a king

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

“Must you be so mean?” pleaded Junto, the smallish servant of Brunt.

With a staff made from pure diamond, he certainly looks the part. Trouble is, Brunt is no better than the smoogs who serve him.

Brunt was in the woods one day, gathering berries for the weekly feast when he came upon a large trunk. In the trunk he found some old robes and a crown. Near the bottom, he found a long stick with the jewel attached to the end.

“Wash my feet, and make sure you clean all eleven toes” Brunt commanded, striking his servant to the ground.

This is my entry into this week’s 100 word challenge. the word this week is ‘Staff’.

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