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Space:1999 Now That was science fiction

Lately, there have been many a post about the Seventies. I lived the seventies, mostly as a kid, but I was still there. Believe me, that stupid program ‘That 70’s Show’ had nothing to do with my Seventies experience.

When I was a kid (God I say that a lot!) one of my favorite television shows was Space 1999. The show ran from 1975-1977, and featured the adventures of Moonbase Alpha as a portion of the moon was ripped from its orbit and drifted through space.

Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, the husband and wife team that worked together in the old Mission Impossible series starred, along with actors from both Canada and the UK.

Special effects on the show were not that great, but with the great story lines, who really needed special effects?

Of course, Captain Koenig wasn’t nearly as cool as Captain Kirk, and he didn’t go around bedding half the females in the universe.  Koenig was a family man, which was quite a stretch from most male leads in Sci-Fi series of the day.

Since the show was produced in the Seventies, Polyester was the clothing of choice. I find it particularly funny to think that in 1975, the futuristic world existed in 1999; and here we are in 2012 and not all that much has changed, other than the lack of polyester clothing seen in the fashion shows and on the streets.

In the second season of the show, a new character was introduced, a sexy creature named Maya, who could change herself into any animal, being or alien that she chose. Man, was she sexy, at least for a kid of 12 years of age!

I hear that they are planning a sequel to the show entitled Space:2099. Please don’t do this, we do not need a 21th century version of the show, we all seen how that worked out in the past.