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Being bullied: personal experiences of bloggers

As a kid, I was bullied to death. A skinny kid with big ears and a complete  lack of self confidence made me a target for countless attacks, both of the physical and emotional nature. I had kids who pretended to be my friends bully me. The entire school hockey team, the basketball team, and even the kids from the woodworking class bullied me. I had my school books stolen, burned or tore up in front of me; my school lunch was usually the dinner of the bigger kids, and gym class was a complete nightmare, as even the Gym teacher, Mr. Cook bullied me.

Back then, nobody had your back. Saying or doing anything against a bully usually resulted in that person getting bullied themselves, so everyone kept quiet. Perish the thought of telling your teacher or principal, because if word got out that you ratted out a bully, the school bus ride home would not be a good one. Back then, some kids were bullied, the rest were bullies. That is the way it was.

Nowadays, schools try to be different. They even have a day called Stand Up day where students wear pink shirts and pledge to stand up against bullies. This is a great system in school, but what about when those bullied kids are not in school? What about when they are in the playgrounds, on the city streets, and now, even worse, when they are on their computers, either on MSN or Facebook? Who protects these kids then?

I am asking fellow bloggers to share their accounts of bullying experiences they may have had in their lives. Now some will jokingly state that they have never been bullied, but come on, you are writers, virtual targets for those with small minds and big fists.

Sometimes, when people are being bullied, knowing that there are others out there, (even cool bloggers) who are also being bullied will let the victims know that they are not alone. This may help give the bullied victims strength to stand up to bullies.