CSI NY, come up with your own endings please, or you will end up on the killing floor

I just began reading the Jack Reacher series of books, by Lee Child.  I decided to begin at the beginning, ( good idea) the first book in the series, which is ‘The Killing Floor’

This was a very exciting book from cover to cover, with twists and turns throughout (how’s that for alliteration?) and finally, when I got to the end of the book, I decided to take a break and watch TV.

This was two weeks ago, and an episode of CSI NY was on the tube. I usually find those CSI shows to resemble science fiction, as they discover clues and use techniques that are foreign to any law enforcement agency. For example, they have the results of DNA tests in minutes, while I have been told this process can take up quite some time. Anyway, back to what pissed me off on this particular occasion.

The episode I watched was the one about counterfeiting, and the offenders were using five dollar bills and a few household chemicals to wash the printing off the small bills, and print them with the faces of $100 bills. As I watched, I quickly became annoyed, because this was exactly the same plot (except the book was more believable) as the plot in Lee Child’s 1998 novel “The Killing Floor”.

Going back to the book was like some idiot telling you the end of the movie, as the final plot twist of the book was the same as the TV show. This just goes to show how creative TV series writers are. Do I hear ‘Lawsuit’ anywhere?