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I hate spell check

I think spell check makes monkeys out of us all. I may have said that before, but I feel so strongly against it, I have to repeat myself. A few years back, I planned on writing my MP (Member of Parliament) about a position in government. The Federal Government was looking for a typist in one of their offices, and since I was already an employee at the college, I was eligible to apply. Our MP’s name was Judy Foote. I carefully made sure the letter was as professional as possible, and I was ready to send it. My co-worker felt that I should use spell check, and as much as I disagreed, I pressed the F7 button on the top of my keyboard, and Presto! my job promotion was history.   When I received the rejection letter, Ms. Foote had a little note attached that her name was Judy Foote, not Judy’s feet, as the word processor changed it to. You can understand my frustration.

Kids these days are not taught spelling. They have all but taken spelling out of our school system. Kids are taught to spell words the way that they sound. I wonder how many of those kids will eventually become writers, and I hate to think of trying to read one of their creations. I only hope texting is not the new English language.

I have just noticed little red underlines in the typing box here on wordpress…I am not impressed. Now off to eat a banana and swing from a tree…Hey, don’t blame me for acting like a monkey, blame Spell Check!