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The Interview

Today I decided to give this new blog craze, the Trifecta’s Challenge a go. Here is my entry.

3 a : of or relating to the common people : plebeian

   b : generally current : public <the vulgar opinion of that time>

   c : of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind

I was so nervous this morning that I accidentally spilled coffee on my best shirt. Not just any shirt, but my lucky interview shirt. I ran to the basement to find my only clean shirt, the plaid flannel shirt that my wife just hates.

“It makes you look common, like a farmer” she said. “You are trying to make an impression and one look at you in this shirt and right away they will judge you”

I went to the interview wearing the flannel shirt. The room was hot, but wearing flannel on a July day, you can imagine how hot it really was. The sight of a sweating, nervous man was bad enough, but knowing how important it was that I get this job, I had every right to be nervous.

I sat on one side of a long table; on the other side, directly across from me sat the others. The panel consisted of a university professor, the principal from the high school, and the chairperson of the Harmon Links Golf and Country Club. They all looked down their noses at me; I knew it from the minute I walked into the room.

“Sir”, the one with the snobby voice said, “As you know, this is a formal interview. Plaid is not considered professional attire” I sank deep in my seat, perspiration building on my brow.

“Are we going to continue with the interview?” asked the other.

The one with the horrible glasses spoke loudly, “I apologize sir, but we will not be contacting you for this job!”

“We are looking for a professional individual to represent our new company.” said the school principal. “It’s that shirt, it makes you look vulgar!”

Damn, my wife was right! They did judge me, damn flannel shirt!