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One way or the other, we have to work together

The world used to be different. Back in the day, Men ruled the world. Men ran companies and both small and large businesses. Men taught school, ran for politics, etc. Men also drove big rigs, school buses, and heavy equipment. It was unheard of a woman doing any of those jobs, most women dare not try to apply for any of those or other men-controlled positions. This was not okay. This would not last, proof of this is all around us.

Today, women have replaced men in most of the above mentioned positions, as well as most others, while men are left to do the remaining ‘man jobs’ that the women do not want. Is this working? I think not. I am all for equality, but shifting the balance from the left to the right is not equality. I think the world needs to work together if we are going to succeed.

In saying this, I am not trying to piss off any women or any men for that matter, I just think that the good Lord made us all equal (well except for a few bumps here and there) so we should share life’s duties together. I think there are just as much husband abuse as there are wife abuse, so why not call it spouse abuse? There are just as many husky women who can work construction as there are husky men. What I am saying as that if we want equality, we should strive for total equality. Just saying!