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So much for a good joke

For a joke, I converted my Spring Break ( story to a .mobi file and put it on mom’s Kindle. She called last night to tell me how much she enjoyed the new book, and that whoever wrote it (I left the Author unknown),must have either been a criminal, or a  nutcase. Thanks mom…lol.

I then found out that the joke was on me. My lady mistakenly asked my mom if she enjoyed the story I wrote for her. I had no idea she knew. The two of them played along, and in the end I thought that maybe they were right and I was crazy…lol


SnB on Spring Break

I have been asked a question by a few friends of mine who check out my blog. They don’t leave comments, but because they know me personally, on occasion, they write emails and discuss some of my stories.

This week I got an email from two of them, wondering what the hell I was doing writing the Spring Break series. They went on to say that the story is so far from anything I ever wrote. To some extent, they are correct. But not totally.

When I write, the characters in my story have a weird way of getting into my head. Until the story is written, the characters haunt me, like they are begging to get out.

When I began the Spring Break series, I put myself into the casket, and I simply explained how it must have felt to be buried alive. The experience gave me nightmares afterwards, that is how real it was for me. In each installment of the story, I put myself into the main character’s place, and simply wrote about how they must have been feeling. Like Tiktok pointed out, most authors write this way.

At first, I didn’t plan on writing anything but the first part, but a comment from El Gaupo got me to thinking that I should continue, at least until the story ends. I have the entire story already planned, and I have already written many parts. I plan to post a new episode each day until I have told the entire story. Maybe then I can actually get to sleep at night. If anyone thinks I should continue with this tale, please feel free to leave comments. I hope you enjoy this series, I have never written anything like this before, and I am not sure whether I can write anything like this again.