Month: April 2015

Where is that dude???

PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering
PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering

Back in the late 80’s, a series of books were published in which kids scoured the pages searching for a crudely dressed dude named Waldo. Waldo chose to wear red and white striped shirts, and tried to hide in a crowd. I remember my sister staring at the pages until her eyes crossed. Great fun.

Kids today need more stimulation in order to peak their interest. To deal with this, the writers of the Where’s Waldo series have upped the ante. They still feature the Waldo character, but this time, he is dressed more conservatively, and hidden in actual photos.

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Read the signs, get a clue

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot
PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

There’s always at least one of those clowns on the lane, the ones who fail to pay attention to the signs. Luke Bannister was one such person.

Loud parties late at night, little or no respect for his neighbours, and now this!

The ratty old house that his uncle left him was no more, thanks to Luke parking his white sedan directly in front of his home one Tuesday morning. Local fire fighters couldn’t get close enough to fight the fire. For once his lack of respect has bit him in the ass.

Neighbours couldn’t be happier.

This fiery hot lesson in attitude was brought to you courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. Click the link for more stories.

the squisher

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Clouds rushed across the clear blue sky as two young kids lay there, staring up at the heavens; and dreaming.

With my best friend by my side, we imagined the clouds to be many things, such as ice cream cones and flowers, and puppies.

Then suddenly we heard it, a loud whistle echoed through the valley and reminded us that the train wasn’t far off.

We jumped to our feet and headed for the tracks. Carefully placing pennies along the rails, we anxiously awaited the arrival of the locomotive.

In it’s speedy arrival, our pennies were squished flat. Mission accomplished!

This is my entry into Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. Check out the link for more stories.

No Way Out!

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato
PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato

When Pete Hennessy died, his fortune died with him. Legend says it remained in the house.

A few boys had a plan. Parking their pickup under the door, and using a ladder, they were able to gain access to the house.

Upon entering the building, they got quite the surprise. A bear trap in front of the door.

One of them screamed with pain as they quickly decided to leave.

“Did you set the park brake on the truck?” asked one of the boys, as he watched their only means of escape roll down the hill.

Now they were trapped.

This little tale of youth and greed is brought to you courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. Be sure to check out more stories using the link below.