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Imagine if they changed Facebook to Factbook. I wonder how many people would still want to be a member?

Facebook has changed the face (no pun intended) of the Internet, and of privacy standards. Imagine if you went for a job interview and the employer asked you the following questions:

  1. What is your first and last name?
  2. When were you born?
  3. Are you in a relationship?
  4. How many times in one week do you drink, and can you provide pictures?
  5. Do you have any half naked photos to share?
  6. What is your cell number?
  7. What is your email address?
  8. What sort of friends do you keep?
  9. On what hours will you be home, or gone?

If you would be appalled at those questions, just take a look at a typical Facebook page. Most people share their most intimate and private moments on Facebook.

What some people fail to realize is how many times Facebook is used against them. These days, employers constantly check out a person’s Facebook profile, looking for warning signs such as public drunkenness, lewdness, and most of all, who a person chooses to acquaint themselves with.

Insurance companies have saved thousands of dollars by checking out people’s profiles. I know of one occasion where a person made an insurance claim because he was in an accident at work. He claimed that he could no longer walk and needed the use of crutches to get around. What the insurance adjuster found on that person’s Facebook page was a very recent video of that person dancing on a table in a bar. Prior to seeing that video, the insurance company was ready to award that person the entire $300,000 he had requested. After the video, not only did the guy not receive any money, he was also charged with fraud.

Really dumb people also set themselves up for robberies and abuse. How many times do I see people’s status messages state things such as ‘gone for the weekend’ or ‘home alone tonight’. Might as well say ‘come rob me’ or ‘free sex here this evening’. Perhaps the dumbest thing I ever seen on Facebook was a message for an older couple’s son. “We are gone for the weekend, the key is in the mailbox’. Talk about setting yourself up to be robbed! DUH!