…On the latest TV Shows: Blindspot

Just finished watching this week’s episode of Blindspot.

The premise of the show is about a beautiful woman who emerged from a gym bag totally naked (Why can’t I find gym bags like this?) except for the multitude of tattoos that cover her body.

Jane also suffers from Amnesia. She must have bumped her head at one point, possible when the gym bag was dropped on the street.

The interesting part about the tattoos is that in the center of her back, the name of Kurt Weller, her supposedly childhood friend and now a FBI agent who is assigned her case.

She goes by the name Jane Doe and apparently Kurt has strong feelings for her.

Each of the tattoos has a meaning, and each week, the tattoos are deciphered and often (I mean Always) lead to a case. Sounds interesting, right?

This week’s episode found the team (Did I mention that there is now a special task force created to find out the meaning of the tattoos?) deciphering a tattoo that lead them to a dog pound, which led them to a message board which led them to a possible hit. The funny thing is that although Jane was discovered some 9 episodes ago, all the cases that are discovered via the tattoos are recent.

Unless some little invisible tattoo artist breaks into Jane’s room at night and applies the tattoos, we may be dealing with time travel here, and that would be just too foolish.

The backdrop for the show reminds me of early episodes of the now cancelled Person of Interest, with it’s dark backgrounds and quick camera work. I can only hope Blindspot doesn’t evolve into the highly confusing program Person of Interest became.

Anyway, each week, Jane and Kurt are thrown into an adventure that exposes new skills Jane didn’t know she had. This week she speaks fluid Bulgarian. The first episode she discovered that she had Navy SEALS training. This little lady is chock full of surprises.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I give Blindspot a 7.