Month: November 2016

Things are ‘looking up’


PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Word Count: 100

Nellie was a nagging wife to her long suffering husband Walter.  Nellie demanded they spend the weekend in the park.

Upon arrival, Nellie demanded they set up camp under a gigantic tree.

Glancing above the tent, Walter noticed a dead branch hanging directly overhead.

“Not a good idea to…” He began to explain, but Nellie cut him off.

“You get out and move the car, I will set up the tent!” She demanded.

Frustrated, he moved the car, driving it into the tree. The branch came thundering down, flattening the tent….and Nellie.

“Great camping trip!” He thought to himself.

This is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Click on the little frog for more stories based on the photo prompt.