Month: June 2022

best date for deaf guy

Back a few years when I was young and single and hard of hearing

I met this missus

at a bar.

She wasn’t bad so I asked for a dance and we hit it off so I asked her out on a


She said yes so the next day when I picked her up

and made small chat, I asked her what she did

when she said she was a Veterinarian I said


Now I am thinking I hit it big because Vets make lots and we can go to all those expensive places

a poor boy could not afford.

So I took her to a great place I knew was expensive just to

impress her.

When I pulled up in the Steak House parking lot she said what the hell

and slapped me in the face

at first I thought it was okay but then after two or three not so much

so I asked what was wrong, then discovered

what happened

damn my hearing, the old brain substituted

what she said for something that sounded like it

she didn’t say Veterinarian

but Vegetarian.

The date was over, my face hurt. I brought her home, not a word in the car except for some advice

she said get a damn hearing aid