Month: December 2015

Flash Fiction: The Mummers are coming


“No time to pay attention to the cat!” momma said, as she hurried with her costume. “Are you ready yet?” she asked daddy. She couldn’t hold back the laughter as he strolled into the room with his long underwear on backwards, and wearing a huge bra stuffed with socks.

“Oh my God, look at you!” she giggled, as she slipped her homemade mask over her head. Wearing socks on her hands, mittens on her feet, and her shirt stuffed with a pillow, it was hard not to grin.

Mummering has been a Christmas tradition in Newfoundland for hundreds of years.

Photo Prompt – ©Scott L Vannatter

This is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Here’s wishing a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my blogger buddies.

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The duck who wouldn’t cluck

photo courtesy of Luther Siler

I bought a toy duck

But it wouldn’t cluck

So I said WTF

and I opened ‘er up.

Instead of stuffing inside

I seen where someone

tried to hide

a Bomb!

The duck blew up

Oh Shucks!

Feathers everywhere

Even in my hair

And on the chair

Where I sat when the duck blew up!

My kid came in

Looking for the duck

I lied and said he was in the truck

He said “No Daddy, he’s not in the truck”

He knew the duck blew up

Because he watched what was left of the duck


This little poem is brought to you courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Follow the little froggy for more stories.

The Cellar

Photo courtesy of Roger Bultot



It was especially dark that night. The moon just settled inside the clouds, and there wasn’t a star to be seen.

a mysterious figure emerged from the cellar, and moved quickly onto the unlit parking lot.

Hotwiring an old car, he silently left the parking lot and began his nightly hunt.

This one was easy. All he had to do was stop his car and she climbed in. The poor girl got more than she bargained for when she went home with the Hillside Cannibal.

Later that day, police found a bag containing only a few bones and a skull.

This creepy little story is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Please click on the little blue frog for more stories