Month: October 2015

Friday Fictioneers: WHO???

PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson
PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson

To set the scene, Stanley and Charlene are an elderly couple living in outport Newfoundland. Stanley dropped by a local farm and picked up a live chicken, and while passing a little stream, he caught a few tiny fish.

What you got there? asked his wife.

What does it look like? he answered.

A live chicken and a few little fish?

That’s right! No more red meat or processed food for me!

What you talking about?

The WHO said that it causes cancer!

Who said it?

The WHO!

The band?

no, The Who!


The WHO, that’s who!

Stanley, I think you have finally lost it.

The World Health Organization. They said that eating processed food and red meat causes cancer.

Did you leave the door open?

Yeah, why?

I think half your supper just ran out the door…..

This little chuckle is brought to you by Friday Fictioneers. click on the little froggy (which also isn’t red meat) for more stories.




I knew this girl once

back in high school.

She loved a guy

with long blond hair

and a Camaro.

She was crazy for him

but he was wild

and he cheated on her.

She didn’t care

she waited for him

to see how beautiful she was

and he did;

and they married.

He built her a big house

they had plans for kids

and a future;

and he cheated on her

and broke her heart.

So she packed her bags

and she moved away

and met a real man.

and he sold the house

and he punished himself

by dating a woman

who cheated on him;

time and time again.

And he loved her;

no matter how she hurt him.

Funny how life is like that.

They say what goes around

comes around, but to what extent?

Twenty years later she is established

a good husband and three lovely kids

and he is still madly in love

with someone who cheats on him

and takes advantage of him.

People like him, they never learn

Karma can be cruel, but always earned.

Friday Fictioneers: All Aboard the Paradise Express!


They deposited every last cent into his account. They sold their homes and gave that money as well. They bid farewell to their loved ones, (the ones they couldn’t convince) and they headed to the bus stop.

He fooled them you know, sold them a lie about heaven and its rewards. He fed on the desperate, the forlorn, and the ones too foolish to see through his scheme.

Once on the bus, they were on their way.

The blast was loud and lit up the night sky. There were no survivors, and no witnesses.

Walking away, he grinned to himself.

this is my entry into this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers.

Friday Fictioneers: A teen’s curiosity

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Without making a sound, Tommy tiptoed out of the house and headed for the driveway.

Not bothered by the pouring rain, Tommy made his way to his father’s truck. He silently opened the doors, working not to startle the family dog, who barked at every little sound. Reaching under the seat of the truck, he found his quarry, and concealed it inside his coat.

He hurried back to the house and returned to his room. Taking the magazine from this coat, he anxiously flicked through the pages and exclaimed “WTF? No naked ladies in Playboy? All that work for nothing!”

This little foray into teen curiosity is brought to you by Friday Fictioneers. In light of Playboy’s announcement that they will no longer feature total nudity in their magazine, I thought I would write something.

Friday Fictioneers: The Carny’s Curse


She always loved the rides, especially the fast ones. I guess that’s why she was there that day. She travelled around the grounds, her kid in tow; taking in the little games in an effort to win him a two-dollar bear or some small trinket.

This ‘Carny’ was a sly one, with his tattoos and scars, and his smooth talk.

They say he followed her home that night. Nobody knows for sure, but police guessed that she knew her assailant.

His terror was quick, and brutal. Two innocent souls left behind as the carnival silently moved to another town.

This little glimpse of horror is brought to you by Friday Fictioneers. Be sure to check out other stories based on the photo prompt. Maybe you will want to write your own…