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salsa before bed

I’m dreaming again, this time even more horrifying than the last nightmare. Trouble is, I remember each and every thing I encountered in this one, even if it makes no sense at all. That’s the trouble with nightmares, the mind’s revenge on me for eating such a large meal before bedtime. I think it was the salsa.

The dream started early. I think I only shut my eyes for a little while and right away I am right into the dream. I am sitting in a large living room where two other beings are on a couch directly across from me. One is dressed in blue and the other in a bright red. The blue one leans over the arm of the chair and the red one goes directly under the blue one, mouth fully open. As I stare at the two, a long length of sticky fluid the resembled saliva drops from the mouth of the blue and into the red one’s mouth.

Soon afterwards the red one is joined by other creatures, all wearing similar red clothing, and the entire group writhe and wiggle over the body of the red one who apparently ate the saliva. The whole thing reminded me of worms wiggling in the dirt, but it also reminded me of some  sort of mating ritual.

The strange thing with  my dreams is that I often awake from sheer terror, and when I drop back to sleep, I am right back in the middle of the terror. This happened again last night.

Now the beings noticed me. The red dressed ones begin to slither across the floor towards me. They make snarling noises as they quickly approach  me. Just as they reach my now frozen body (I try to scream for help, but I am unable to move or make any sort of sound. I think I am in the middle of a hag) the one in blue lets our a loud howl and the red beings return to his side. He gives me a small wink and I am free to go.

By this time, I have already awaken everyone in the house with my screams. After a cup of tea and a few paces around the living room I fall back to sleep, only to find myself not only back in the same nightmare, but into a dungeon of sorts, slime falling from the walls, and at my feet, the slithering bodies of the red dressed creatures. They are feeding on me now, I can feel sharp teeth tear at my flesh. I wake up once again, and this time I drink a strong cup of coffee. I never went back to sleep that night. In fact, I am afraid to go to sleep tonight.

One thing I did notice. The best before date on the salsa was January 2014. Next time I think I will check the expiry date before I eat anything I find in the back of the pantry.