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Andor Juice

I just put out juice for the daily grab n go breakfast here at the high school. Today, the school provided Tropical Grove Apple Blend, to which the students immediately named “Andor Juice”

When I asked them why they called the juice andor juice, they said that I should read the ingredients. I did not realize that the students were this observant, but upon checking the ingredients, I noticed that the primary ingredient was stated as: Concentrated (Apple and/or Pear juice)

We live in such a scary world when apple juice may or may  not be present in the apple juice we are drinking. What if a student had a pear allergy? Would they think of checking the ingredients to see if the apple juice contained pear juice, or would they just go by the label, which clearly shows a basket of apples without one pear in sight?

I have a similar dilemma with Cranberry juice. Being a diabetic, I take the cholesterol medication ‘Crestol’, which is a great drug for controlling cholesterol, but the drug has a terrible side effect when mixed with grapefruit juice: it destroys your liver. Checking the ingredients on the label of my cranberry juice, I noticed that the product contains a mixture of cranberries and grapefruit juice. This isn’t even an Andor, it is an ‘And’.

Those days, it really pays to check labels. This is testament to the fact! Just saying…