Things that taste like something else

I just finished Jello’s newest sensation, pudding that tastes like ice cream sandwiches. Well, it was supposed to taste like an ice cream sandwich. I actually tasted like chocolate pudding.  They have other flavors as well, like Banana Cream Pie, which tastes exactly like banana pudding, and lemon meringue pie, which tastes suspiciously like lemon pudding.

I had a similar experience once, with the Jones cola brand. I seen the dumbest flavor of pop and of course I had to try it. My uncle brought over a special limited edition cola pack that featured Turkey and gravy pop.

Anyone who wants to drink Turkey gravy pop needs some help. I did try it, and for me, the experience was nothing like mom’s home made turkey dinner. Not only that, there is just something wrong with drinking what you should be eating.  What’s next? Baked Root Beer?

I admit it. I bought the gum. Juicy Fruit apple pie gum. The thought of a gum that would take away cravings for home made apple pie seemed like a great idea to some ad executive, and to me as well. Maybe chewing the gum would help me lose the weight I gained Christmas. Ya, that’s it, chew gum rather than eat. Didn’t work! The gum tasted nothing like apple pie and more like that terrible taste I get in the back of my throat whenever someone has those Glade Plug-Ins in their homes.


12 thoughts on “Things that taste like something else

      1. That’s the funniest friggin’ thing I’ve read all day! I actually do introduce him as my oldest son. People believed it too until he grew a beard and mustache so he’d stop getting carded for cigarettes.

  1. The header picture was taken last summer on one of my fishing trips. The area is just below the Lewis Hills, the highest mountain range on the island, and accessible by truck, ATV and snowmobile. I live on the west coast of Newfoundland. The area in which this picture was taken is packed with rivers and ponds where a guy can catch a ton of sea run trout, and pond trout.

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