Tribute to Canada.

After yesterday’s shooting in Ottawa, I felt this song a tribute to once was. Our country is no longer safe, and we are no longer free.

Every day from now on we will fear the unthinkable.

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Friday Fictioneers: Birds on the iPad

Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman

Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman

Don’t feed the birds

they would warn;

but the old man kept throwing seeds

and bread crumbs.

It gave him something to do

some way to give back

but now they are gone.

The only birds left

are the ones on the iPads.

You can look at them

but they make no sound.

Nothing but images

of days gone by;

and they don’t love.

Just memories

of a world we destroyed.

Now the old man is gone too

and the benches are bare

and nobody sits

and nobody stares

at life.

this is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

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The Long Walk

I watched as they took him

cuffs holding both his hands

they led him into the court room

and somebody took the stand.

She took one look at Ol’ Charlie

and hollered “Yes, that is the man”

and the judge gave his decision

and they led him down the line.

Legal Aid lawyer

couldn’t look him in the eye

he just bowed his head in pity

and let out a long sigh.

Ol’ Charlie, he didn’t do it

but nobody gave a damn

when they sent that guy to prison

they sent up an innocent man.


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100 word challenge: Worthy of a king

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

“Must you be so mean?” pleaded Junto, the smallish servant of Brunt.

With a staff made from pure diamond, he certainly looks the part. Trouble is, Brunt is no better than the smoogs who serve him.

Brunt was in the woods one day, gathering berries for the weekly feast when he came upon a large trunk. In the trunk he found some old robes and a crown. Near the bottom, he found a long stick with the jewel attached to the end.

“Wash my feet, and make sure you clean all eleven toes” Brunt commanded, striking his servant to the ground.

This is my entry into this week’s 100 word challenge. the word this week is ‘Staff’.

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100 Word Challenge # 399: Ricky and the birth control pills

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

My childhood friend, Ricky, was always looked at as the clown, the jester perhaps. He stuttered, talked funny, and did poorly in school.  His parents attributed this to the fact that as a child, he ate an entire box of birth control pills.

I never laughed at any of this because he was my friend. None of the things he did were his fault. Everyone blamed the birth control pills. Back then, so little was known about learning disabilities.

As an adult, Ricky fathered five daughters for five different women. Surely the pills never had a hand in that one.

This post is in response to the 100 word writing challenge from Velvet Verbosity where we are asked to write 100 words inspired by a single prompt. This week’s word is Jester.


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summertime memories

Frilly dresses and rose petals

and soft hair

with plastic butterfly buckles;

she was always so positive

and happy.

Nobody could hurt her

she never shed a tear;

even when her parents abused her.

Her spirit was strong

she was picked on

because she was different

and because

she smelled like summertime;

and that’s why I loved her.

Years passed,

we grew older

and went separate ways.

A lover left her with

two daughters to raise.

She did it on her own,

independent and strong,

they moved on,

and then she broke down

and cried








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everthing old is new again…sigh

Ever reminisce about the old days and wish everything was that way again? The candy we enjoyed as kids, the games we played, and how about the music we listened to? Sometimes things are better left to memory.

I felt that way about four of my favorite musicians from my younger years. Back then, my four favorites were Bryan Adams, John (Cougar sometimes) Mellencamp, Tom Petty, and of course my all time favourite, Bob Seger.

When I seen that all four of my favorites planned on releasing new albums for 2014, I was elated. Couldn’t wait to get them. The minute they were released, I bought them. Big Mistake!

Years (and all the cigarettes) were not kind to Mellencamp’s voice. His voice, although always gravely, now sounds as if he gargled with nails prior to recording the album. That is not to say that the songs weren’t great, but I couldn’t get past the raspy voice. It almost hurt to listen.

Speaking of gravel, Bryan Adams released a new album as well….of all things, a cover album. Six years after his last album, entitled ’11’, he releases a cover album. Don’t get me wrong, the man can still sing, and for Bryan, the gravel works well, but the song choices??? Country songs?

I have always been a country fan, but I was a rock fan as well. Those two worlds don’t (or shouldn’t) collide well. It was just wrong to hear Adams belt out Kristofferson’s ”Help Me Make it Through the Night’ and even worse, his rendition of Don Gibson’s ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’. Adams did a great job on those songs, but it seems to me that there were already enough covers of those songs that my favorite Canadian ROCKER didn’t need to be doing them. I wish he could have released an album of original ROCK songs.

Another artist who chose to go country as of late is Bob Seger. My absolute favourite artist throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Seger released an album that is a mix between country and blues, and for me, it just doesn’t make it.

Steve Earle’s ‘Devil’s Right Hand’ was the biggest disappointment on the entire album. Seger simply cannot hit the notes that the songwriter did in his own release of the song. Instead of showcasing the fine singer’s voice, the song shows the age of the artist. The rest of the songs on the album just didn’t cut it for me. Very disappointed in this one and a waste of my money.

Finally, Tom Petty. What can I say? I hated the entire thing. Maybe I am being a bit too critical, but when fine artists try to fit the cookie cutter world of radio, it is just darn disappointing.

On the way to work today, I loaded my favorite albums of yesteryear. ‘Reckless’, ‘Uh Huh’, Full Moon Fever’ and ‘Beautiful Loser’. Now THAT was music!

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