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sum of the parts

On Friday, the oven of our Frigidaire Electric range stopped working. Of course it was while baking a chicken.

No problem, change the fuse on the top panel of the range and everything is fixed, right?

Wrong! No fuse panel on the damn thing.

Further research, (and a visit from a repairman) and we discover that they don’t make ranges with fuse panels anymore. Instead, all electrical connections go to a circuit board that is glued (you read that right, GLUED) to the back of the digital clock.

Well, still not discouraged, how much could this circuit board possibly cost? The entire range only cost $599 five years ago.

Try $450 for the part, and an hourly rate for the repairman. We were looking at over $600 for a $600 range that is only five years old. What about the other parts of the thing? Are they free?

We went to buy a new range, and agreed upon the model I actually wanted but couldn’t afford (still can’t) at the time of the Frigidaire purchase….a Maytag with a double oven, and has features such as self-cleaning, a convection oven, a ceramic top, power windows, power brakes (kidding on those options).

The department store offered free delivery and even offered to take our old one. When the delivery guys showed up, I told them that they would have a practically good range if anyone wanted to fix it, as the top portion of the thing worked fine. Their response? Junk. We are dumping it on the way back to the shop. Progress? I think not.

Now to cook a chicken and a ham at the same time while boiling potatoes….after I read the manual that is actually a novel thick enough to base a movie on…

Oh, and I am back. Couldn’t stay away.