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Trifextra Week 75: The Meal

Heads, fingers, knees and toes, she sang, as she added the ingredients to today’s supper. With the men folk out hunting all day, they would surely be hungry for Mom’s specialty: Cannibal Soup.

This dark little ditty is my entry into this weekend’s Trifextra Challenge. Hope it doesn’t creep anyone out too much…just a little.

Trifecta Week 84: Evidence

This time we got him. How wouldn’t we? We have his fingerprints; hell, we even have DNA! A quick trip to the lab and we have the son of a bitch.

33 innocent women lost  their lives to this maniac, but up until now, we had nothing. Torn clothing, brutal rape, stab wounds covering the entire lower extremities of their bodies, and his trademark, the right hand severed from the body. The pattern was clear, but he was always so smart. He covered his tracks well.

Constable Connor was an expert at forensics, so he wasn’t worried this time. This time the fucker wouldn’t slip through his fingers.

Connor paced across the tile floor of the lab, anxiously awaiting the results. God knows the family of Charlene Banting were anxious as well. Connor was on his tenth trip across the floor when the M.E. came in the room.

We have identified the fingerprints, as well as the DNA. They both belong to the same person. Connor grew excited at the news. That is, until Dr Hennesey explained further.

“Connor, I don’t think you’ll like what I have to say.”  he said.

“What could it be? We have him. We have his prints, I have no doubt that he is somewhere in our system, maniacs like him always are!” Connor said.

“Well, the prints don’t exactly belong to the person  you think. The prints and the DNA both belong to Charlene Banting. Our forensic team found something stuffed into the mouth of the victim. Apparently our murderer created ‘human skin gloves’ from the hand that he severed from Miss Banting. He literally used her own  skin  to kill her. Her DNA is everywhere.

“The sick bastard! He evolved into a far more  psychotic maniac than he was before! His methods may have been crude, but he is every bit the genius I figured he would be. Damn! We have nothing!” said Connor, almost sobbing his words. “I promised her parents we had the guy!”

This is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word is Crude.

summer memories: a trifextra experience

scalding sun

too hot to run

that’s summer

bandaids on the knees

watch out for the bees

that’s summer

all day on my bike

campfire at night

that’s summer

when I was a kid


This is my entry to Trifextra Weekend Challenge. The challenge this week is to describe summer. This is what I remember from my summer vacation as a kid.

punishment worthy of the crime: Trifecta week 81

The train was late this morning, thank heavens! When I awoke, the sun blinded me for a minute, at least until I had time to wake up. The tracks were alive with every sort of insect. Even an army of ants passed by, carrying food on their backs. The sky looked like it was clouding over, I prayed it didn’t.

The entire forest around me was blasting with noise, especially directly over me, where a nearby spruce tree was home to a nest of young robins.

The only sound that compares to the birds is the noise from my stomach. I haven’t eaten in almost two days, and I can definitely feel it! Right now, gathering food is as impossible as leaving this morbid place, which is not going to happen  anytime soon.

The day is passing ever so long, it seems like I was here forever. It was just a few days ago that I was walking hand in hand with the farmer’s daughter, so in love. I don’t understand what was so bad about flirting with her sister. I can’t believe her dad was as pissed as he was. I can’t believe he did this to me.

Wow! Did I pass out again? It is dark now; the buzzing of mosquitoes is almost as annoying as their bite. My face itches, but I am unable to scratch. This is only part of my pain; the rest will come eventually.

The entire forest has gone black. The sky is cold and desolate, not even one star shining. This leaves only the droning sounds of absolute silence to drive me insane. Wait, I think I see a light in the distance, a light and a noise. ‘Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack” …the last sounds I will ever hear!

A loud whistle sounds to alert me to move, but with my arms bound to the tracks, I cannot move. God help me!


this is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word this week is LIGHT. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

Trifecta Challenge Week 75: The story of Howard Bannister

In a hospital bed in a Newfoundland community lies Howard Bannister. Howard became very sick recently, so a neighbor admitted him to the hospital. Soon after Howard arrived, he slipped into a coma. Doctors worked to revive him,without success. The poor man simply lay in his bed, no family or friends visited him.

Howard’s situation broke the heart of  a young nurse who worked in the ward where  Howard lay. She tried reaching out to the community, and through talking to people  who lived near Howard, a door of opportunity was opened. One of the ladies who admitted Howard mentioned that he had a dog, and people in the neighborhood put signs out everywhere in search of Howard’s dog.

A few days later, the dog was found.  Sally, the young nurse, asked her supervisor if she could bring the dog into the hospital.  Of  course the cranky old nurse denied her request. Sally did not give up. She started a petition in the neighborhood, and obtained enough names that the hospital administrator took a stand on Howard’s behalf.

The next day, Sally carried the little dog into the hospital and  into the room  where Howard still lay in a coma. when he seen Howard, he grew very excited. He leaped from Sally’s arms and right onto Howard. When the little dog finished giving Howard a good face cleaning, he lay next to his master. All of a sudden Howard’s arm moved. Everyone in the room witnessed a miracle. Howard’s arm moved from the position where it lay for many days, and  around his little dog. A small grin appeared on the man’s face as he held his little dog.

Later that day, Howard passed away peacefully. His suffering was over. Everyone  was amazed by the act of kindness by Nurse Sally, and by the power of love given by the little dog. The dog became a mascot at the hospital and was adopted by Nurse Sally and her family.


This story is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge.  The word this week  is ‘Door’ ( a means of access or participation : opportunity <opens new doors> <door to success>)

Trifextra Challenge # 62: Sound Advice

Look Before You Leap: My childhood pal Craig jumped from the hay loft onto the barn floor,  landing on the teeth of a rake. The handle swung up and shattered on his forehead.


This painful but true account of my childhood is my entry into this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. The challenge  this week is to offer advice in exactly 33 words.

My Date with Marilyn

I met her at a masquerade party one night.

Man! Was she beautiful, love at first sight. 

She had wavy blonde hair, a perfect face, and a beauty mark on her cheek.

There were other girls there, but this one, she was unique.

Even though I struggled to hear her voice through her mask

I was sure I wanted more, a date I had to ask

I asked her name, she said Mar (something)  Monroe….  hey, things could be stranger.

WOW! Marilyn Monroe…my heart beat like a teenager!

Our date was great, everyone stared, hey, haven’t they ever seen a star?

even with  masks on our faces, we were the toast of the bar.

We threw fake bills into the sky

After all,  I am a classy guy

And as we watched the bills rain on the street

thanks to the powers that be for helping us meet

she was a wild gal, the whole night was insane

we tried to kiss, but those damn plastic masks,

kissing just wasn’t the same.

I wore my best suit, she had that famous white dress,

we searched for the perfect place

suddenly a gust of wind from a subway grate



Up goes her dress….

I must digress…

OMG! There goes the mask!

I was afraid to ask…

was that a mustache??

I think I have been conned.

you’re not a true blonde


You ain’t even a GAL

My hopes began to dishearten

As my beautiful Marilyn turned out to be a Martin!

What a horrible end to this day to have

Martin Monroe, the guy who pumps gas at Cornerstone Garage



Be sure to check out The Truth Behind My Date with Marilyn, which was the inspiration for the story.

This fictional (read FICTIONAL) piece is my entry into this week’s…Trifecta Challenge. The word this week is RAIN (Transitive Verb) <to take a lot of money and throw it into the air>


Trifecta Week 70: Lucky guy

Years prior to meeting my lady, I dated a lot. One of those dates was with a new woman who had just moved to our town. She had classy written all over….and those leather pants…drew me right to her.

We had dinner a few times, nothing more. I wanted more, but there was just something inside that warned me of impending danger. Then I  wanted her even more. I could tell that she was fond of me as well, or at least that is the impression that I got. She would call almost every day, asking me to drop by, have a drink and a chat.

She had the longest legs I ever seen on a woman. Long and  sleek. Cold black hair that fit her just right, and a perfect face; even  her perfume was just right, not too strong, but strong enough to tell you that she was in the room. I wanted more than  friendship, a lot more.

I never asked for more because I just never had the courage, that and I witnessed her shoot down guys who were far more confident than I was.

It was easier to be her friend. Sure she would ask me to do things for her,mostly computer work, but hell, it was worth it, just to spend time with her.

She moved on, so did I, but I always regretted not pursuing her a bit more. Years passed and I never seen  her, and then, just last week, she called, “My laptop crashed, could you fix it please”.

Her husband dropped it off, I explained my rates, he agreed and left. When they came to   pick it up, she flipped. “Pay you? For What? Friends don’t charge friends! No hello’s, no thank you’s, just an endless barrage of curses at both him and me. To think that it could have been me in his shoes, married to her, abused by her.

I now consider myself a lucky guy for letting her go.

This is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word is Lucky (Adjective)