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Thought for the day:It’s Friday!!

It’s Friday!!!

Just thought I would say that!

What is it about Fridays that gets everybody in such a great mood? Students love Friday, hell, some of them take Thursday off just to celebrate the coming of Friday.

Friday gets cool acronyms like TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) and TGIFF (Thank God Its Finally Friday)

Wednesday may be known as Hump Day, but its only a quickie. The enthusiasm brought on by Friday lasts all weekend long!

Then there is Monday, hated from everyone from Teachers to students to Garfield the Cat. Tuesday doesn’t fair much better, the duldrum day that is neither a hump day or a Friday, plus Tuesday is far enough from the weekend that it carries the blues of a Monday. Thursday is also one of those days that you hate. No humping on Thursday, you humped on Wednesday.

Some feel that Thursday is like New Years Eve, so they celebrate on Thursday night only to be fired on Friday for either being late for work on Friday, or being drunk on Friday.

So in a month without paid holidays, lets all raise our glasses and celebrate Friday!

Growing up in the 2010’s

Working at a high school, I can easily say that kids don’t act like they did when I attended this same school in the latter parts of the 1970’s. Of course, things changed drastically since the late ’70’s, so I guess this is to be expected.

Back when I was a senior in high school, students respected feared the principal and the teachers. Back then, school officials had one weapon in their arsenal that is all but forbidden nowadays (thankfully!), and that is ‘THE STRAP’

Unless you went to Catholic school in the 60’s and 70’s, you probably never heard of THE STRAP, so I will clue you in.  THE STRAP was a quarter inch thick, one foot in length piece of leather. THE STRAP was used to discipline students when they did ANYTHING that the school administration regarded as unfavorable.

I got the strap on one occasion, when I decided to give ‘Tissue Tits Trudy’ two pony tails using scotch tape. The teacher had quite a time trying to remove the tape, and I had quite a difficult time holding my hands out while the school principal, (a cruel nun we used to call ‘Sister Kotex’. Her real name was Sister Kotel, but choosing a feminine pad as her nickname helped us deal with her cruel ways.) proceeded to strike my hands with the leather strap.

Anyway, Sister Kotex banged away at my hands with the leather strap until they bled, and then she gave me a stern warning that once a student has been given THE STRAP, they usually make return trips to the office for more. I never did!

While THE STRAP may have seemed cruel, it worked. Students respected their school, their teachers, and mostly, their principal (except when it came to calling her Sister Kotex that is).

In the early ’80’s, the school board brought about legislation that worked to find new methods of discipline, and to do away with THE STRAP.

Eventually, all sorts of discipline have been removed from the school system, with the exception of suspensions. Suspensions only work when a student actually cares about losing school time. When you have problem students who come from problem homes, sending them home for a few days is like giving them an extended vacation, and therefore does not eliminate the problem.

We see  students spend most of their days wandering the hallways because they have been asked to leave class for various reasons, usually because they have been disrupting class for others, students suspended for days and even weeks and then return to repeat the same behavior, and kids who treat teachers like their peers, showing them little or no respect at all; All things I never witnessed while I attended school here.

I am not suggesting bringing back THE STRAP, but something other than school suspensions has to be used to discipline students. We are introducing those students into the real world with absolutely no social skills or respect for the law. What usually results is a life of incarceration or dependent on the welfare system, and that is no life for anybody. Just saying

and you think YOU had a bad day

This day didn’t start out as well as some. We had a snow storm last night, so I had to get up early to shovel the driveway. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, forgot my shoes and had to work the first half of the day with snow boots on my feet (in the office). When I looked at my salad, I noticed that I forgot to pack dressing. All those little things rolled off like water on a duck’s back.

After a trip to the bathroom, my day at work ended. I passed another kidney stone. I could end this post right now, and anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone would understand why this was not a great day, but I am not going to do that.

Getting home, I found that my driveway had been blocked by a snow plow; when I finally made it up the driveway, I got stuck on the ice, and just passing a kidney stone, I didn’t have much strength to get the car out. It is still halfway up the driveway, stuck real good.

When I got out of the car, I slipped on the same patch of ice my car was stuck on and fell in the snow. I never had my gloves on, and ended up hand first in three feet of snow. My door handle to the house had frozen when the temperature had dropped, so I had to resort to attempting to breath on the lock to thaw it out. When I finally made it into the house, my guts gave me a signal that another stone was on the way out, so I ended back in the bathroom, and passed another piece of the kidney stone. Oh My!

I passed my first stone about 5 years ago. The pain hit me about 4 in the morning, and at the time I had no knowledge to what was happening to me. At first I thought I was having an appendix attack, so I called the doctor, and they said to come in immediately. When I got to the hospital, I couldn’t stand up, the pain was immense. The doctor came in and gave me a shot of Demerol. Nothing happened. I asked the nurse what was going on, and she said that often, the Demerol takes up to 40 minutes to take effect. I waited 40 minutes, all the time listening to her immense wisdom as she told me that the pain I now felt was nothing more than the stone moving throughout my body, and the pain was nothing compared to the pain I will feel when the stone passes. “Passes?” I asked, dumbly.  “Oh Ya”, she laughs. “Where does it pass?” I ask, even more dumbfounded. “Where do you think it comes out from” she asked me. And then she gives me the most horrendous analogy ever about kidney stones. “Imagine a sharp, multi pointed rock passing through a soft garden hose” she said. “garden hose? pointed rock?” I ask. And then a trip to the bathroom makes all this a reality. Another shot of Demerol and the pain from my stomach is numb, but the pain from  my ‘thing that resembles a human garden hose’ is not. This was not a good night.

Two nights ago, I took a sharp pain in my ribs, and I passed it off as gas. I had all but forgotten about it until today’s trip to the bathroom. This time, no hospital visit, no Demerol, just a few Motrin, a trip home, and a two hour sleep. Still a bit tender and its not like I can put a bandaid on it, but at least I don’t have to put up with the witty nurse. Just saying

Thought for the day: Mayonnaise and People who are hearing impaired

Here at the school, we have several kids who are hearing impaired. I have been asked to ‘speak’ to them using sign language, but the only sign language I know is the word ‘Mayonnaise’. You just take your pointer finger and run it across your hand.

As you can guess, I don’t have very intelligent conversations with some of those kids, but hell, I try!

Me: Mayonnaise

Kid who is hearing impaired: #$@!!!$Mayonnaise %^&^^## (Did I mention, I can’t understand anything except the word ‘Mayonnaise’ either)

Me: What???

Deaf Kid (I know, that is not politically correct to say, but it takes a long time to type ‘Kid who is hearing impaired’ so I will just refer to him as ‘deaf kid’) $#@^^^*&^Mayonnaise ((**@@!

Me: What? Oh What the hell, I give him the middle finger (the only other piece of sign language I am familiar with) because it is apparent that he is cussing at me in some strange sign language language