Rushing Waters

Hilda complained as Wilbur recited words from his newest novel, Rushing Waters.

“..As the cold water passed across the rocks…”.

“Now Wilbur, stop this, you know what my bladder is like, I need to pee now!” complained Wilbur’s wife Hilda.

“…steam formed above the river. As the melting snow seeped into the riverside, it ran..”

“I CAN’T WAIT NO LONGER. PULL OVER!” Hilda screamed.

“..down the ditch, washing away everything in it’s path, even some lady taking a pee.”

Wilbur watched as his nagging wife was washed down the river.

“This really is Thanksgiving” he said, as he drove home.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson (Many thanks for the gracious loan of your photo.

This chilly tale is my entry into this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers. hope you like it. A big Happy Thanksgiving to our American Neighbours.

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