Four legs and Fur

I admit, I haven’t been keeping up to my goal of writing something each day. I used to write every day, mostly if I was feeling down or depressed. Writing was my escape from life I guess. I wrote every day, and like therapy, it seemed to be working. That was, until writing lost its importance to me, then it became boring.

I am happy to say I have found a new therapy.

Last May, my wife asked if I would be interested in animal fostering. At first I wasn’t too interested, all I could think of was the work involved, the kitty litter to scoop, or even worst, the puppy poop to pick up around the yard.

When the local SPCA showed up at our door with two little puppies, Labrador Husky mix, things changed. Yes they pooped lots, but that was ok, as I grew attached with both pups. The most difficult thing was letting them go.

A week after the puppies went, my cousin called. She had set up a group to rescue cats and kittens. She found herself with 13 kittens, way too many for the small room she had set aside in her home. We took three kittens off her hands, and of course fell in love with all three.

We found homes for two, and adopted one for ourselves. That made for three cats and three dogs in our home.

We were soon asked to join the SPCA, as board members. I accepted as I love being part of anything that helps out.

That was last year. Since the first three kittens were fostered in our home, we have had some 135 more come and go to wonderful homes all across the province. My position on the Board of Directors of the Southwest Coast SPCA turned in to a Co-Chair position, which gives me more work which I love.

We are now taking in sick kittens and nursing them back to health. Throughout the past year we have learned so much that we want to share the knowledge with others.

I am changing the name of my page from Sightsnbytes (which I originally wanted to feature a page dealing with photos of Newfoundland Scenery (Sights) and Bytes (food, recipes, and maybe some computer Jingo) to 4 Legs and Fur, a site dealing with the rescue and eventually adoption of rescue animals.

Stay tuned, I have some amazing stories to tell.

3 thoughts on “Four legs and Fur

  1. Congratulations! The local Humane Society always has a glut of kittens. Folks will spay and neuter dogs, but not cats. 😯
    We just had to put down our old mutt. He’d go outside, but not ‘Go,’ which he saved for the indoor carpets. Not ‘rescues,’ but we’ve acquired two pure-bred Scotty Terrier puppies. A white male, who we’ve called Duff, which means ‘black’, and a black female, who we’ve named Gwen, which means ‘white. I’ll publish photos on my A to Z – Puppy Love post, if not sooner. 🙂

    1. Yesterday we had to euthanize our little teacup Pomeranian. we inherited Halle from my wife’s grandmother, and had her for 8 of her 11 years. yesterday her tiny body said enough, she couldn’t hold her urine. I did the humane (and painful) thing and brought her to the vet for euthanization. $300 later I was without my little companion. difficult day at our household.

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