The Techno-Crapper 2000

Harvey Winston ran his business for years before going public, so when he attended his first board of directors meeting, he was in dismay.

The engineer displayed the latest in office technology, the Techno Toilet.

“The toilet is fully automatic, it flushes automatically. A warm stream of water cleans you. Instead of staring at a stall door, a LCD screen scrolls out the latest stock information.” As he babbled on, he noticed Harvey had disappeared from the room.

Harvey was found sitting on an old toilet in an abandoned shed.

“I don’t need a Techno-Crapper, this one suits me fine!”

This little tale of too much technology is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © What’s His Name

24 thoughts on “The Techno-Crapper 2000

  1. I’m pretty sure toilets can do all that now in some parts of the world, Japan for instance.

    This is your photo so whatever comes out of it, toilet tales particularly, is your fault. 😛

  2. Everyone is into multi-tasking these days. I hate it when you’re in a public restroom and the guy in the stall next door is talking on his phone. The first time it happened I thought he was talking to me. I loved it that you used a roll of toliet paper as your calling-card on the InLinkz page. Great post.

  3. Not every “New and Improved” slogan on a new item is really New AND Improved. Some things don’t need any improvement – it took thousands of years to get to the “modern toilet” and someone figured how to make it last. Good story and thought-provoking!

  4. Harvey won’t last long now he’s got a board of directors. He has the wrong mind-set for the corporate world. We must embrace change. (Personally I’d rather embrace a grizzly bear…)

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