There’s no other kinds


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Harry took his wife out to a local diner for a Mother’s Day meal. The man was outraged when the waitress brought a bottle of No Name Ketchup to the table.

“No name brand Ketchup? You call yourself a restaurant? Fake Ketchup?” he hollered, embarrassing his poor wife.

“I only use Heinz Ketchup! If it ain’t Heinz, there are no other kinds!” he yelled. “I have been using Heinz all my life, just ask my wife!”

“Relax Harry, you have been using No Name brand for years, I just refilled the Ketchup bottle with whatever was on sale” she admitted.

Happy Mothers Day to all the special moms out there, especially those who live with stubborn men like Harry. This story is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I hope you enjoyed this, and thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “There’s no other kinds

  1. My husband was like that when we first married. Took him 10+ years to figure out he wasn’t eating Cheerios for breakfast but the store brand. One day, I just up and decided I was tired of refilling the same old box. But, when I’m sick, only Campbell’s Chicken and Noodles will do…don’t try to fool me, I KNOW the dif!

  2. Ha! It’s amazing the number of times I hear about these types of deceptions. I wonder if the women are waiting until an event like this occurs to tell their husbands. 🙂

  3. Interesting this one. I really loved it.
    I had a great aunt who used to tell her husband things were cheaper and threw a bit of housekeeping in to buy a dress. I think she also hid them in the back of her cupboard for a bit too.
    Sounds like she had deception down to a fine art too.
    xx Rowena

  4. Oh, are they going to have words when they get home! Chuckled at your little snippet of domestic duplicity, but the no-name ketchup maybe should have “come out of the closet” at home.

  5. Oh dear… nothing like looking the fool in public like that… Then again, he did raise quite the ruckus himself…

    1. haha..reminds me of myself. Having serious hearing loss for years, I resorted to ‘word association’, which drove my poor wife nuts. I have hearing aids now, but from time to time, when the batteries run out, I go back to guessing what people are saying. nice story.

  6. Poor Harry, duped all these years… I wonder if he’d even know the delicious taste of Heinz’s if he were lucky enough to have it?

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