Cross Examination of a Murderer

Lawyer: “Did you, William Hillman, brutally murder eight innocent women?”

William: “No”

Lawyer: “Did you bury those innocent women, who were all young mothers, in your backyard?”

William: “No”

Lawyer: “William, we found the bodies. Your DNA is everywhere. We have the murder weapon, which is registered in your name. I am asking you once more, did you murder those innocent women?”

William: “NO! Those women were not innocent. Those women abandoned their children, forcing them to live in foster homes, where they were abused. My mother did the same to me. She was not innocent either.



Word Count: 100 words. More on this story, check out ‘Someone had to pay’

This little tale of the verification of innocence and one man’s

pain and suffering is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

There’s more stories here…


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