put on your dancin’ shoes


PHOTO PROMPT © Magaly Guerrero

Charlie stared with envy as the young couple danced across the floor. The old guy remembered a time when he and Thelma danced just like this. Sadly,  hard work and raising a large family left little time for dancing anymore.

Today being their 50th anniversary, Charlie had quite the surprise lined up for his wife. “Put on your dancin’ shoes, let the jukebox blow a fuse!” he hollered. The ‘Ya All Come in is having a dance and we are going!”

It wasn’t long before Thelma was ready to go. On this night, the old couple danced like  two teenagers.

This little ditty about keeping the fun in a marriage is brought to you courtesy of Friday Fictioneers. Be sure to click on the little froggy to check out the many other stories based on this week’s photo prompt.




5 thoughts on “put on your dancin’ shoes

  1. That’s lovely. Why shouldn’t old couples dance if their bodies can manage? They often can teach the young ones a thing or two, too.

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