Oh to be young again


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

The one thing Abigail always wished for, was to be little again.  After losing her husband when she was just a young woman, she raised their five children on her own;  her life was anything but easy.

Then one day, it happened.

“Twinkle Little Star!” she sang, as she played with her dollies.  Sometimes Abigail cried, but only for a little while, eventually returning to her childish games.

As their mother played with her toys, her sons and daughters looked on sadly. It was not an easy thing to watch as the woman they admired reverted back to her childhood.

This little tale of the best side of a bad situation, is my reaction to this weeks’ photo prompt on Friday Fictioneers,


16 thoughts on “Oh to be young again

  1. I have relatives going through something similar at the moment. As much as it is sad, they say the best way to get through it is that you have to laugh at some of the situations they find themselves in, and some of the things that get said. That was nicely captured here.

  2. I think watching the child-like behaviour isn’t the worst of it, but the fear, confusion, quickly changing moods–and not recognizing those who love you. Sad story about harsh realities.

  3. Loss is a twisted thing. And when the loss comes from death, the loss spreads. I hope her children are older now–able to care for themselves… and for the wonderful woman who cared for them.

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