Christmas Surprise

This Christmas was going to be the best one on a long time. Emma ordered each of her eleven children a Christmas gift from the Sears-Robuck catalogue. Jack was working at the time, and for the first Christmas in a long time, the Blanchard family of Codroy Valley Newfoundland would have enough money to buy gifts for all their children, even the older ones.

That was, however, until Jack lost his job. What a time to lose a job, right before Christmas. The worst thing was the big order Emma made. How was she going to pay for all those gifts? This year it looked as if Santa wouldn’t be making a stop at their house.

Jack, ever the optimist, believed that no matter what, the family would still have Christmas, and he proved it by hiking to the post office, which was miles away from their little farm house.

When he arrived at the post office, he was surprised to find a letter addressed to Emma. He ripped the envelope open only to find a check for $20, enough to pay for all the Christmas gifts. Turns out, Emma’s sister Elizabeth, who lived in Nova Scotia,  won the money at a Bingo game, and decided to send it to her younger Sister.

The entire family, especially Emma, was surprised when, on Christmas morning, all the gifts she ordered sat beneath the Christmas tree.

My mom told this story during our Christmas meal yesterday. It is truly a gift to hear such amazing stories from the people who lived them. Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends.

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