who was that guy

He walked around in sandals and a robe

and performed miracles around the globe

He healed the sick and the blind, and even came back from the dead

at least that’s what he said.

I think his friends called him ‘Earl’

He bragged about being known throughout the world

and how he had so much to give…

at least in the mental hospital where he lived.


I wonder what would happen if Jesus did come back? Would we take him serious, or would someone lock him up for sounding crazy? Would he even make it that far? Suppose some woman did become pregnant, not for her husband, but as she would put it, ‘for God’, would her husband stick around, or accuse her of cheating? Would she even get to the point of giving birth or abort the baby?

These days, most kids (and adults) even doubt the presence of God in their world. Schools have removed religious education from their courses, crosses are removed, and prayer is banned. Hell, these days you can’t even wish someone Merry Christmas…for fear of offending.

Jesus, if you are planning on coming back, I think this is a good time….







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