it’s a colour thing


PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

When the Douglas’ bought their first home, they were ecstatic. A beautiful Cape Cod with a spectacular view, in a nice neighbourhood.

Despite the overall appearance of the home, the basement was a complete letdown. The previous owner covered the bare cement walls with an ugly green paint. Cynthia Douglas demanded Albert do something quick.

That evening, Albert covered the walls with Styrofoam insulation, and painted everything a beautiful shade of beige.

The next morning, the Douglas’ were in shock. Not only did the house reek of toxic fumes, but the basement walls were once again….the shitty green colour.

This little lesson in chemistry and colour choices is brought to you by Rochelle Wisoff- Fields’ Friday Fictioneers photo prompt of the week. check on the little froggy for more stories

7 thoughts on “it’s a colour thing

  1. Eek. We had that concrete-oil paint on the floor of an attic. It was a horror to get rid of it. They need some power tools… Good story.

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