the bone collector

PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller


While eating lunch at a friends house, Tommy was interrupted by the owner of the house. Kenneth, an old man who lived alone with his son, hollered loudly. “Don’t break that turkey neck, it looks like Elvis!”

Tommy was astonished. Kenneth took the bone, washed it, and placed it in a display cabinet he built behind the table.

Kenneth’s son Mike explained to Tommy that since his mom died, his father seemed to lose it, and began collecting bones that look like things.

Kenneth cut in. “My collection won’t be complete until I find one resembling Martha, my dead wife.”

This story of weird collections, and a man’s way of dealing with loss, is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

15 thoughts on “the bone collector

  1. We all deal with death in our own way… Can’t say this one is a healthy one though there is a weird sweetness to it

  2. So you noticed that turkey neck bone too. When I was young, (Mighta happened) and wanted to join the Boy Scouts, I read a how-to article in Boys Life, about how to make a neck-bone into a neckerchief slide. Yuck! 😳
    Nicely told little slice-of-life story.

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