Strong enough?

As he carefully lifted each stone, he thought about his two previous houses. “Build it from straw, it will be economical” they said, what did they know? “Build it from wood, stronger than straw!” He should have never listened to them.

“Who knew you shouldn’t smoke in a straw house? The thing went up like a Christmas tree!

The wood house? Damn termites! It was rubble before the wolf even visited.

Of course he blamed the wolf, he didn’t want anyone knowing how stupid he was.

This time he chose to go with stone. Fireproof, insect proof, and IDIOT PROOF!

This little tale of lessons learned the hard way is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Each week, bloggers from across the world write stories based on the latest photo prompt. Hope you enjoyed the Tangled Fairy Tale


Photo courtesy of Piya Singh

15 thoughts on “Strong enough?

  1. Dwellers on The Rock are better mannered than some of us Mainlanders, ’cause we learn different life lessons.
    I loved your ‘smoked ham’ reply. 😆

  2. Love it! A wise man builds his house on the rock…or in this case, by the rock! Love the imagery and the wisdom sharing! ❤

  3. I enjoyed this very much. I thought of the three little pigs as well, but took it in a different direction. I love your little pig’s voice – very good.

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