enough shit


“Daddy, fix the TV please” begged his seven year old daughter. “The lines are all squiggly!” “Fix it Daddy, Please?” she asked.

He knew fixing the damn satellite wasn’t as easy as she thought, but being such a loving father, he did his best.

He knew the problem before he even went up. Three stories later he reached the roof top.

“Just as I thought, those frigging birds shit on the satellite dish again.” he muttered.

Suddenly he had a revelation.

“That’s it! I ‘m cutting the cord!”

“Just let those stupid birds try shitting on my Android TV Box.”

This story of cord cutting and a daddy’s love is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

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11 thoughts on “enough shit

  1. Cute story, technology marches on, and I can feel the frustration. When cable became too expensive, we opted for a dish, at half the price. We just bought a new car, and have to watch our pennies (even if the Government doesn’t make them). Now that satellite is as costly as cable, we’re thinking of joining Netflix. When they installed the dish, they put it on the front porch roof – fortunately. A couple of times each winter, I have to go out with two brooms taped end to end, to remove wet, clingy snow. 😯

    1. I know. we had Expressvu since the late 90’s. the thing only worked well when it was sunny, and then I didn’t want to be indoors watching tv anyway. got rid of the thing last year. now we use Netflix.

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