the wire

Photo Prompt by Madison Woods


we were running through the woods that day

we were young

and carefree.


and my friend


on an old trail

that led to Scott’s farm.

They say he meant no harm

just protecting what he thought was his.

He used wire you know,

to keep us out

from land that he didn’t even own.

The wooden fence

rotted fast,

but the wire

was made to last,

its barbed ends

were as sharp and cold

as the old man’s soul.

and we felt it

when we tripped

on the rusted wire

that lay buried

next to the old man.





4 thoughts on “the wire

  1. That is one of the really bad things about barbed wire, it lasts so long. It is the same here near on a public footpath near a derelict farm site. Very well written. Love the cold soul bit, sadly I have seen that too.

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