where the water doesn’t run

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

There is a lump in the sand
where the water doesn’t run.
Nobody goes there, not the father
and not the son.

A while back
when tempers flared,
a father lost control
and it’s what you see here.

His son, teased and tortured
and then bullied some more;

he took his own life
he couldn’t stand it anymore.

The  dad, confused and hurt
visited the bully one night,
he didn’t want to fight
but they did.

When they finished

there was only one.

Before taking his own life,

he buried the bully beneath the sand.

where the water doesn’t run.


This sad little tale of bullying and retaliation the frustrations of having your son bullied and feeling helpless,is brought to you by this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I hope you enjoyed the story.

11 thoughts on “where the water doesn’t run

    1. thanks for the nice comment. The story is based loosely on an incident that took place here in Newfoundland. A father, confused and frustrated with the bullying of his small child, visited the school and lashed out not only to the crowd of bullies who tortured his child, but to the school staff as well. He ended up getting jail time and a criminal record.

  1. Makes me even prouder of the boys who started Pink Shirt day (anti-bullying campaign) at my very own alma mater. Love the way you told this story.

    1. we did the pink shirt campaign at a high school I used to work at. We actually had a draw for free shirts. Unknown to the students, we rigged the draw so that only the school bullies won the shirts. One of the students, and the most notorious of the lot, was proud to have won and promised to wear his shirt the next day. The next morning, he came to school, shirt in hand. His father called him cruel names and forced him to return the shirt. Later his father called the school and condemned them for ‘forcing his son to act gay’. No wonder his son was a bully…bullying was all he knew. Thanks for reading my story.

      1. Wow! Brilliant idea, but sad for the boy. We often are what we learn at home, aren’t we? But, perhaps in the end he did learn something.

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