Duel on the street


PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes

Two warriors revved  their engines. “What you got in ‘er?” he asked.

“318, four barrel with a stick shift” I hollered, ready for battle. “What you got?”

“Straight 6, two speed power glide and a heavy foot” he replied, almost proud.

The flag dropped and the two of us tore down the street. we were neck and neck before the old guy swerved in my lane, taking most of my front bumper with him.

My bravery quickly turned to fear when I realized that he had just tore the bumper from my dad’s Dodge Pickup, I was a dead man.

the story was true….dad was surprisingly calm….got up the next morning, repaired the bumper…..and handed me the keys again. I learned a lot from that man, still learning…

This blast from the past is my entry into this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers.

13 thoughts on “Duel on the street

  1. See what happens when you take daddy’s truck?
    Kind of funny on this 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… 😉

  2. If your dad was so forgiving, I guess he remembered his own youth. Fun story, I can relate too (but don’t want to remember…)

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