Charlie’s diet

This year, Charlie decided to work extra hard to keep the ab he seen earlier this week. He created a plan to eat healthier, at least in his mind he did.

When he got to work today, he wasn’t long bragging to the other staff members about his new diet.

“Anyone can give up junk food, but I am going one step further!” he said.

The other staff members grew curious.

“Rather than give up potato chips, I only eat half the bag, and then, with my immense will  power, I plan on throwing out the half eaten bag. Eventually I will wean myself from the stuff altogether. Then watch the abs.”

Georgette, ever doubtful, tried to rain on Charlie’s parade once again. “Why don’t you just not eat potato chips? That would make more sense!”

Later that day, Georgette noticed Charlie’s ass sticking out of the company’s dumpster.

“What you doing?” she asked.

“Cutting out waste. I think I accidentally threw out three quarters a bag of chips instead of half a bag. Don’t want to waste food, there are children in the world starving you know.” he said.

“You sure ain’t starving…..” Georgette thought to herself


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