Flash Fiction: Lucky Shoes

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“Hurry up!” yelled Frank, but Betty continued searching through the house.

“I can’t go without my lucky shoes!”

“Then wear another pair” he said, deftly.

They have been saving for this trip since they first met. Ten years of wedded bliss without a proper honeymoon and now finally they are going….but not if they miss their flight.

“Wait for me, my shoe is stuck in this grate!” she begged, as her impatient husband rushed her.

Then they heard the blast. 129+ victims dead at the hands of terrorists. They would have been killed too, if not for her lucky shoes…

This is my entry into this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers.

Click on the blue frog (are frogs blue these days?) for more stories based on the prompt



15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Lucky Shoes

  1. Yay! A positive story. The woman was not killed. I really like you take on the prompt and how the shoe could have gotten stuck in the grate and that is why it is there. And because of that the couple was delayed and it saved their lives.

  2. How many people late for work were saved on 9/11? Or missing the plane that crashed or… when it’s not your number, it’s not your number! Good take!

  3. That was a close call. I like the small details and how you’ve fitted these characters into the big picture of a terrible event. It can be just such small events that determine the course of our lives – good or bad.

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