Friday Fictioneers:Tony and me



Go and take care of your sisters

momma used to say.

Tony would take us in the field

and we would play.

One day he left home

to fight in the great war.

and we would lie in the back fields

and pray to the stars

that he would come home someday

and we could play.

But that never happened.

His friend was cleaning his gun

and it misfired.

They say Tony went quick

and the soldier was sorry.

We lost our big brother that day.

They buried him in a field

where my sisters and I,

and Tony

sometimes play.

This is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I regret to say that this story is all too real, and not fiction at all. I just had to tell his story.

This is a factual account of how my grandmother, Emma Luedy, lost her older brother, Anthony back in WW2. His best friend was cleaning his rifle when the gun misfired, killing Tony immediately. The soldier was so affected by this accident that the next day, on the battlefield, he dropped his gun to the ground and allowed himself to be killed by the enemy. A tragic story that was all too real.

On this Remembrance Day, I salute the soldiers who gave their lives so that we may be free.









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