Friday Fictioneers: Laying the blame


“I don’t think I should be in here!”

“We wouldn’t be here if you did your job.”

“Hey, he was supposed to clean up afterwards. They should never have found that bracelet.”

“It wasn’t my fault, I was going to clean it up, but then you showed up!”

“I really liked that girl, and you killed her!”

“She wasn’t good enough for you, at least that’s what Momma said.”

“I said no such thing. I said that you weren’t good enough for her.”

The blame game went on for hours….trouble was, there was only one person in the cell.

This little tale of multiple personalities is brought to you by this week’s Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt. Please click on the froggy for more stories based on the prompt.

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Laying the blame

  1. There is only one person in the story. The person (I didn’t say whether it was a male or a female) suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. But thanks for reading 🙂

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