Night Terrors VI: Locked Cages

This is the latest installment of my Night Terrors series, and my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Be sure to check out the froggy link at the end of the story for more tales based on the photo prompt.

The first tests were easy. Driven by the need to help his daughter, Jonathan stopped at nothing to find a cure. Treating the prisoners as if they were lab rats, he  kept them in locked cages while he toiled with his experiments.

As he infected his test subjects, he was able to monitor any changes in their symptoms. Many of them died on the table, unable to withstand the pain. All this while his daughter dealt with the disease and hardly ever complained. Those men were weak and didn’t deserve to live while his daughter bravely fought for her life.

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller
PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller

8 thoughts on “Night Terrors VI: Locked Cages

    1. Thanks Rochelle. The difficult part of writing this series is keeping each episode individual of the series. That and keeping each episode under 100 words. Thanks for reading.

  1. Great piece! Did he find the cure in time? And did he stop with his ‘experiments’ after he didn’t need them any more? Love the potential in this story!

  2. This is a great episode ( and standalone). The somewhat understandable reason turning into the arrogance of the criminal judging about who deserves to live.

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