Night Terrors: The call

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods
PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

The pain was getting worse. The medication he was given prior to his escape was wearing off. He had to get to a phone and call for more.

He waited until the sun set before making his way to town. Next to a burger joint, he found a payphone. Although he swore never to contact that madman again, his addiction to the meds and his immense pain caused him to do otherwise.

“Jonathan! I need an injection!” He pleaded.

The voice at the other end of the phone said calmly “Bring me more test subjects and maybe we can talk!”

This is the fourth installment into the series Night Terrors, and also my entry into this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers.  Please check out my blog for the other episodes.


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13 thoughts on “Night Terrors: The call

  1. Getting people addicted and then using them, why am I not surprised. That Jonathan is a monster. Good story.

  2. Asking for the addict to get more test subject doesn’t sound like a very good option for the addict especially if he’s already in pain and probably literally dying for more. Good story.

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