Flash Fiction: Jonathan Berrier

PHOTO PROMPT © G.L. MacMillan.
PHOTO PROMPT © G.L. MacMillan.

Before reading this story, and my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers, please read the first part of this new series. You can follow this link. Night Terrors.

December 1962

In a lab hidden deep in the amazon jungle, a man is seen pouring a strange liquid into a test tube. He takes the mysterious substance to a room where an agitated man is tied to a chair. The moment the liquid is administered, the subject goes quiet.

“Finally! It works. This elixir will calm mental patients so that they can be diagnosed  and properly treated.” Jonathan was overjoyed with his discovery.

His biggest challenge was finding test subjects. At first he had no problem, as the country’s maximum security prison provided more ‘volunteers’ than he would ever need.

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19 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Jonathan Berrier

  1. I wondered about Ebola and the swift availability of untrialed drugs to treat it. Trials are so very expensive. No pharma giant would feel tempted to start an epidemic to duck those costs, would they?

    1. I wouldn’t doubt anything those people do. I am certain that somewhere there are cures for cancer, diabetes…etc, but since treatments make more money, I think pharma giants are reluctant to put money into actual cures

      1. I have a little hope in a story I read today, about injecting folded DNA to wipe out the likes of cancer and Ebola – but not much. It will probably turn out to be the ongoing, and expensive, alternative to chemo and radiation.
        Most times, cynical = actual. 😳

  2. It’s the way the used to do it here in our own country, and I’m sure they still are. I’m as cynical as you. Why cure a disease when you can treat it for years. The bottom line is always the reason. Kill a country, but save those profits. Well done!

  3. Great story. Pharma and the AMA fund politicians thus such limits on health care and drugs. It is all a big scam. I know because I am a retired RN. 🙂

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