As the two tiny boys played with their toys, one of them noticed it. Immediately he began to crawl towards the amazing orb. Reaching out to touch it, maybe taste it, the small boy was enveloped in its aura. Soon he was one with the thousands of amazing colours that made up the mysterious object.

Too young to realize that his sibling had disappeared, the other boy crawled toward the object as well. He too could not avoid the temptation to touch it. The room was now empty, except for the mysterious ball that has now changed its colour to match the floor. The ball begins to roll up the wall and as it smashes through the window, the tiny slivers of glass also become part of the ball, possibly adding to its energy.

Rolling down the street almost invisible, nobody notices it, except for a stray dog who follows it until the ball rolls into a corner. The ball then begins to shrink, but before it can fully disappear, the dog wolfs the object down, gives a loud burp, and then continues on his way….

The rest of this story is sheer terror. Stay tuned.

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