Month: June 2015

Signal fires


His wrinkled fingers shook as he rubbed the sticks together. It used to be so easy, but the years have caught up with him. The arthritis, the wind, and the desperation to get home worked against him as he struggled to get a spark from the dry driftwood.

He had been setting signal fires every day since he was shipwrecked, and today, of all days, he wasn’t able to light the damn thing.

Tears fell as he stared out across the bay and watched in dispair as his last hope of survival sailed off into the horizon.

This tale of loneliness in paradise is brought to you by the fine folks at Friday Fictioneers. Be sure to click the link below for more stories.


The Wave

What is it with the wave? You drive down the street, someone waves at you. If you wave back, you get a smile, a sign of approval. If you fail to wave, you could very well get the finger.

I overheard two women chatting at the supermarket the other day. They were talking about some guy who drove past them and didn’t wave. They didn’t say who he was, but apparently he thought he was better than at least one of them.

“I held out my hand and waved! He didn’t wave back. What does he think he is better than me? Can’t even wave?”

Hey, the guy was driving. Maybe he only had one hand, or maybe the other hand was busy doing something else…Who knows why he didn’t wave?

What is the significance of ‘The Wave’? I know that in smaller communities, it is customary to wave at every person who drives by. Maybe it is acknowledgement. I see you, I wave. You see me, you wave back. Everything is equal. What if traffic is particulary busy on that day? How do you get anything done if all you do is wave at passersby? Imagine how tiring that must be.

“What have you been doing all day?”

“Well boss, at least thirty cars drove past me today. I had to wave at them. Couldn’t get anything done.”

A while ago, my wife and I were driving through a small community on the province’s west coast. As we passed people’s yards, people came out, running towards the road waving their hands. My wife got scared. “What did we do? Are they coming for us?” she asked.

When they made it to the roadside, they just stood and waved. “Do you know these people?” she asked.

“No. Just wave back. It’s their way out here. They don’t see many cars, and when they do, they want to seem friendly, so they wave at everyone.”

Does that mean that while we drive we should be constantly scanning the roadside in the event that someone waves? We certainly don’t want to be unfriendly. What if we are staring in the ditch, waving just in case someone is there waving at us….and we slam into oncoming traffic? Can we use the wave as our defense?

“Were you drinking? You were driving in the middle of the road!”

“No Officer, I was waving at some guy in the ditch.”

“Well Okay then. As long as you waved back”

Ya, that will work.

Just saying…