The wooden Rose: The Prequel

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham
PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

Charlie worked for an art gallery just across from Chic Parisien. Every day, Stella came in to look at the latest art, but mostly to look at Charlie. One day she asked him to her house for drinks.

When he arrived, she led the Charlie upstairs to her bedroom. She undressed in front of him and as he lay beneath a wooden chandelier, feeling woozy from the wine, she cut his throat.

She stabbed herself in the stomach, and tumbled down the stairs, dragging herself outside and laying there for police to find her; the victim of a terrible crime.

**** This story is the prequel of last weeks entry.

The Wooden Rose:

They found her in the garden, clothing torn to bits, blood everywhere. Her fingers clasped bits of hair, probably belonging to her torturer. Scratch marks in the sand told of her struggle to escape. Her body was tattered with bruises and cuts, and she shivered.

Suddenly, she sat up and cried out. “Under the Wooden Roses, that’s where he lay!”

The officers scoured the garden, not one rose in sight. All of a sudden, one of the officers realized that there was a rose, upstairs in the bedroom.

There, under a hand carved chandelier they found him, dead.

For more stories based on the photo prompt, be sure to click the link below. And thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “The wooden Rose: The Prequel

  1. Ooh, what an interesting twist on last week’s story. What a great ides, well executed. I love it.

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